Perinatal Specialist, Georgia Montgomery
on Generation to Generation Pregnancy Products:

I’ve been a hospital Health Educator for many years now, and as an instructor in Childbirth Preparation, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care and Infant/Child CPR and Safety, I’ve made it a special point to keep up on the health implications of products used by pregnant women. The health and well being of mothers and babies is at the core of my life’s work. As such, it is a pleasure to know about Generation to Generation’s commitment to providing mothers with health-promoting products that are safe for moms-to-be.

In my classes, I stress the importance of knowing the connection between what products mom is using and the health of her unborn baby. Everything that comes into contact with mom will have an impact on baby to one degree or other, so it is important to maintain healthy skin (the largest organ on the body) and also to relieve stress and worry for mom, which research has shown does affect her unborn baby. So, products for skin and hair need to be carefully chosen.

Just looking at the depth and breadth of research and mindfulness that has gone into the development of these products has me breathing a sigh of relief; finally moms have a safe resource for beauty products which maintain integrity, quality and an eye towards the healthy future of our babies.

In a larger sense, it’s a sign of the times that we’re becoming more aware as a culture, of the importance of overall health for mothers-to-be. Generation to Generation is a wonderful step in a more healthy direction for this and upcoming generations of babies and moms.

Georgia Montgomery

About Georgia:
Georgia Montgomery, CD, CCE, LE, BLS,  is a leading Perinatal educator and specialist in newborn care and breastfeeding in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is dedicated to providing parents with the information and the skills that will help to empower them to make healthy decisions about their birth experience, and to provide the best possible education and resources for Bay Area families.

She has had over 16 years hands-on experience with newborns and taught for 5 years  at University of California SF Medical Center, California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She presently teaches at UCSF Medical Center, Kaiser and Marin General hospitals.

Her services include:
Infant/Child CPR  - Private and Group
Private Childbirth Preparation, Newborn Care or Breastfeeding Classes

To learn more about Georgia Montgomery and her dedicated involvement with Pregnancy and newborns, please visit:



Planning a “Heart and Soul Baby Shower”

It’s so much fun to plan a shower, and have all your friends together for such a milestone event in life!  If you want to give your baby-to-be a beautiful start to life, by caring about other children, consider having your Shower Planner contact Project Night Night  for adorable tote bags to be filled with blankies and stuffed animals for homeless children to sleep with in shelters in your area.  All your friends together can stuff the bags that go directly to a little one who will cuddle the items you fill it with! You will be able to tell your baby-to-be one day, “Many children received comforting items from Mommy and my friends, all because you were going to be born to us precious little one”.

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