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“What is success really about if we are not giving back to babies and children who need help?”
Sisters and Founders, Elizabeth Leonard and Karen Young

Pregnancy welcomes a whole new world to each women it touches. To give back, Generation to Generation wishes to touch the lives of children who need everything from a blanket and teddy to sleep with in a homeless shelter, to life altering research to facilitate better lives for children.

Generation to Generation pledges to donate a portion of proceeds to amazing organizations who directly impact the lives of babies and children.  At the one year mark of our launch, we will be honored to donate a portion of our proceeds, on an ongoing basis throughout Generation to Generation of our company’s history.

Project Night Night

Please visit these places who care about babies and children: www.projectnightnight.org

From the Project Night Night website:

“Project Night Night is dedicated to improving the lives of homeless children, one sweet dream at a time. To this end, Project Night Night donates individual tote bags each filled with a security blanket, an age-appropriate book, and a stuffed animal to children (ages 0-10) in homeless shelters. By providing objects of reliable comfort, Project Night Night seeks to advance the emotional and cognitive well-being of each child we help.   

Every child who receives one of our Night Night Packages leaves the shelter owning a book which encourages reading and family bonding, a security blanket which can be cuddled, and a stuffed animal which can become a cherished friend. We have one objective – to deliver our Night Night Packages to every homeless child in the country who needs one.”

We are also proud to pledge a portion of our proceeds to:



We provide youth living in public housing with the skills they need to create new opportunities and better their future!

The key to a brighter future is opportunity!

Based in the Western Addition, we work specifically with youth living in public housing. When doors open in March 2008, youth participating in our program will come to the center five days a week from 3pm-7pm. Enrollment is for 5 years, 4th-8th grade, and participants alumni services will offer ongoing support after youth complete the program. During the 20 hours per week that we work with our youth, we provide three core services:Life Skills, Academic Support, and Case management  At the end of the 5 year program, every child will have assembled their own physical Toolkit of information, resources and a customized life plan with identified action steps to realize a better life for themselves. Toolkits incorporate all aspects of youth life – self, relationships, academics, health, environment and other topics - in order to encourage self sufficiency and long term growth.

Charities we have personally given to:

  • Project Night Night
  • Operation Smile
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Rocket Dog Rescue
  • Kiva
  • Home at last Animal shelter
  • PETA
  • Feed The Children
  • Feed The Children & Abandoned Baby Center
  • Baby clothes for Katrina victims
  • Red Cross Disaster relief Katrina
  • American Humane Association

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