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“Welcome!  Our name and mission represent the generation of mother, passing on her love, wisdom, and protection to her baby-to-be. Generation to Generation speaks to a motherly action to keep the developing Baby-to-be safe from harmful toxins that normally are found in many cosmetics. We speak for pregnant women around the Globe seeking greater empowerment, awareness, and change in the way we think about what goes on and inside us while pregnant.”

Karen Young attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and her journey with children and the arts continued while earning a Masters degree in Creative Arts Therapy, from Hahnemann University in 1998.  Her focus was on Pediatric Medical Art Therapy, and she had the honor to be employed by two of the finest East Coast Children’s Hospitals, such as The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington DC.  There she utilized Art Therapy with Children, to decrease emotional trauma related to Cancer, AIDS, Cardiac, Motor Vehicle accident injury, and physical abuse. 
After marrying her sweetie pie husband in the Bay Area, California, Karen looked forward to having children. It took a difficult time to become pregnant, so she was eager to have the healthiest pregnancy as possible. Her research training came in handy when trying to figure out what ingredients are not favorable while pregnant, with regards to nutrition and cosmetics. The empiric evidence and scientific research was alarming, and made her truly question the cosmetics industry.  As a mother- to-be, it was outrageous to think that products she used daily contained ingredients that may be linked to cancer and reproductive harm. Feeling like a mother lion, she wanted to do everything to protect the little baby inside her tummy. She bought and tried many “natural” products for daily body and hair care.  Most didn’t really shampoo well, most left her hair and body not feeling luxurious, most smelled too strong, and some contained herbs that are not recommended during pregnancy.  At a loss, she just came to the realization that to have a healthy and “Green” pregnancy was not going to include luxury hair, skin, and body care. She used a gentle bar soap to clean her face, rarely could moisturize her face, and had to settle on the fact that shampoo and conditioner was going to leave her hair dry.  All the products out there didn’t live up to her cosmetic standards for what a pregnant woman, or any woman for that matter, wants in order to look and feel good in a healthy way.

Karen and her husband were overjoyed to welcome a beautiful and healthy daughter to the world in 2004.  After many long conversations with her sister, Liz Leonard, who is preparing to become pregnant, they both realized that nothing luxurious was out there for pregnant women who need the five basic daily care items. These are shampooing your hair, conditioning hair, moisturizing your legs, arms, and whole body, washing your face, and moisturizing your face. The light bulb illuminated and the two Sisters united to create the most luxurious, and the most safe non-toxic cosmetics line for pregnant women. We called our company, “Generation to Generation” Pregnancy Products. The name represents the generation of mother, passing on her love, wisdom, and protection to her baby-to-be. Generation to Generation speaks to a motherly action to keep the developing baby safe from harmful toxins that normally are found in many cosmetics. While using the product, the mother can feel beautiful and secure at the same time.  

While Liz Leonard is not a mother, she plans to be in the next few years and wants to prepare her body to carry a child in the healthiest way possible. She researched the current products on the market and was disappointed in the lack of pregnancy products that were truly safe for pregnant woman. She thought, “How can I possibly prepare my body for pregnancy, while using cosmetics that may put harmful toxins in and on my body?” Her sister, Karen and she had many thought provoking discussions about this concern, a concern they both shared (as Karen was eager to not use possibly harmful cosmetics with her first child, and for her future children), and thought that they needed to create a safe product for pregnant woman. So that mother’s, and women planning to become pregnant, can feel secure in giving their future children a safe and “green” start to life,  our company “Generation to Generation” was born. 

Liz grew up in Philadelphia and moved to San Francisco nearly five years ago to be closer to her siblings who were having children. It was very important to Liz to be close to her brother and sisters while they were starting their own families. Liz wanted to watch first hand her nieces and nephews grow into a new generation; generation to generation. As a passionate animal lover, Liz has been a long time donor to animal rights advocacies and rescue groups. Liz is also a proud donor to many cancer and woman’s organizations.

Liz studied Business Law at Temple University, and then managed a profitable business in the health and fitness industry for seven years, as well as having a personal assistant business in Philadelphia. In addition to Generation to Generation, Liz works for a Hi-Tech and Clean Energy Executive Retained Search Firm in the Bay area. She lives with her boyfriend and three dogs in Dublin, CA.

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Generation to Generation is privately formulated by the luxurious and high esteemed company, E.L. Erman in Israel. E.L.E. currently employs over 200 employees and manufactures hundreds of unique skin care, hair and spa products, all under the higher standards of the GMP and ISO 9002 international cosmetic regulations. All of their hair, face, and body cosmetic lines are all based on natural ingredients and essential minerals from the Dead Sea in-reached with botanical extracts and vitamins. Our customers include some of the largest cosmetics companies in Israel and the world. Visit www.buydeadsea.com for more information on this amazing internationally renown company based in Israel.

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